Ian Spence and the Engineering Psychology Lab are supported by grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the Bell University Laboratories (BUL), and the IBM Centers for Advanced Studies (CAS).


The lab (Sidney Smith Hall, Room 630) has seven workstation and testing rooms and is well-equipped with computers, all of which are networked and connected to the campus backbone and hence to the wider Internet. Windows 2000 Workstation is the OS on seven of these machines but there is also a Windows 2000 Server running IIS, MS SQL Server, and ObjectPlanet Surveyor, as well as a Linux server in the lab. We have licences for most major software including MS Office, MS Visual Basic, SAS and SPSS. In 2004 we completed the installation of a well-equipped usability lab consisting of an experiment room and a control room. We can feed high quality video and audio to mixers, monitors, and recorders in the control room, allowing for comprehensive control and archiving of participant usability sessions. The eye-tracking facility in the lab includes an Eyelink Version II eye tracker and two computers. We share a Photo Research PR-650 spectroradiometer with two other labs in Psychology. We have a digital photo studio, scanners, and both inkjet and laser colour printers.


Director: Ian Spence
Collaborators: Mark Chignell, Jacek Gwizdka
Programmer/Analyst: Ken Seergobin
Graduate Students: April Yip, Jing Feng, Alina Gheorghe, Sijing Wu, Jun Li
NSERC USRA Students: Rebecca Stein, Jessica Yu



From left to right above: Missing: Neetu Manwani, Julia Lifschits, Dee Simms, Colin DeYoung.


From left to right above: Maria Rusan, Nagmeh Rastegaar, I.S... Missing: Tom Tsai, Dilara Arkin, Ken Seergobin, Colin DeYoung.


From left to right above: Albert Tsui, Kary Lam, Moni Bhattacharyya. Missing: Tom Tsai, Dilara Arkin, Ken Seergobin, Colin DeYoung.


From left to right above: Wendy Lee, Ash Rahman, Patrick Wong, I.S. Missing: Tom Tsai, Dilara Arkin, Ken Seergobin, Colin DeYoung.


From left to right above: Jill Kester, I.S., Chad Berry, Lisa Cavion, John Kim, Dilara Arkin, Adele Efendov. Missing: Sonya Chung, Janet Lee.

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