The SPA area is home to 17 faculty members and 24 graduate students. Our area is vibrant and thriving, allowing us to attract top faculty and graduate students from around the world. We are also growing quickly, with 5 new graduate students joining our area in the 2009-2010 year. These three areas cover a very wide range of issues and problems. Research in social psychology is concerned with how people behave in, think about, understand and are affected by social situations. Personality psychologists working in our area study the individual differences that shape how people interact with others and their environments. Abnormal research addresses a broad range of psychopathology including addictions, aggression, depression, eating disorders, and personality disorders. Many of the researchers listed here do work that cuts across these three areas, as well as areas such as cognition. More detail is available on the individual websites (see faculty or graduate students) or by contacting any of our area members by email.


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