Recent publications

Shettleworth, S. J. (2102). Do animals have insight and what is insight anyway? Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 666, 217-226. Based on Hebb Award lecture). pdf

Shettleworth, S J.(2012) . Modularity, comparative cognition, and human uniqueness. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 367, 2794-2802.. Special issue on Animal Minds. (From a discussion meeting on The future of comparative cognition: theoretical synthesis and empirical challenges, London, January, 2012). preprint ; pdf of published paper available on request.

Shettleworth, S. J. Editor (2012). Special issue of Behavioural Processes honoring the contributions of Alex Kacelnik to comparative cognition. Introduction.: "Function and mechanism in lab and field." Behavioural Processes, 89, 75-76.

Shettleworth, S. J. (2012). Darwin, Tinbergen, and the evolution of comparative cognition. Oxford Handbook of Comparative Evolutionary Psychology. Jennifer Vonk and Todd Shackleford, editors. Oxford University Press, New York. proofs

Shettleworth, S. J. (2010) Clever animals and killjoy explanations in comparative psychology. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 14 (11), 477-481.

"Q&A" Sara J. Shettleworth. (biographical interview) Current Biology 2010, 20 (21), R910-911,

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Miller, N.Y. and Shettleworth, S. J. (2008). An associative model of geometry learning: A modified choice rule. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, 34,  419-422.

Miller, N. Y., & Shettleworth,   S. J. (2007) Learning about environmental geometry: An associative model. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes,  33,  191-212.      

Cheng, K., & Shettleworth, S. J., Huttenlocher,  J., Rieser,  J. (2007). Bayesian integration of spatial information. Psychological Bulletin, 133,  625-637.  


Complete publications to 2007 (pdf 9 pages). Pdfs of most of these are available on request.