Research Resources
Developed and compiled by Eyal Reingold

This resource was created for the benefit of undergraduate and graduate students in psychology. It provides links to a wide variety of study and research tools as well as a plethora of demonstrations, tutorials, and phenomena in cognitive science. Hopefully, it will assist you in compiling your own library of internet resources. The links are organised by category, and brief descriptions of their content have been provided.


1) General Writing Resources
2) General Reference Tools
3) Psychology Writing Resources (APA style)
4) Psychology Reference Tools
5) Searching the Web - Reviews and Tutorials
6) Presentation Skills
7) Critical Reading, Thinking, and Other Study Skills
8) Ethics in Research - General
9) Ethics in Research - Plagiarism
10) Research Methods
11) Statistics
12) Cognitive Neuroscience: Demos, Tutorials, Experiments, and Phenomena.
     12.4)Perceptual Illusions

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