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The principal investigator of this cognitive psychology research laboratory is Professor Lynn Hasher. Our research focuses on such topics as attention, comprehension, memory, and cognitive neuropsychology. Specifically we are interested in how these basic processes change across the adult lifespan. Research in this lab focuses on two major issues:


Click the links below for media coverage and Youtube video about a recent article from our lab!

Huffington Post (May 6, 2013). "Memory, Aging, and Distraction"

Huffington Post (March 4, 2013). “Teenage dreams and mid-life memories: How your brain gets smarter with age”

Le Figaro (March 15, 2013). “Les distractions pour aider la memoire des seniors” (March 1, 2013). “How Facebook improves memory”

The Varsity (March 10, 2013). “Aging and memory: Changing perspective”


Recent media coverage for Renee Biss and Lynn Hasher's circadian arousal study from the Hasher Lab ! (June 11, 2012). “Morning people are actually happier than night owls”  (also posted on, The Huffington Post, Discovery News)

CBC News (June 12, 2012) “Are you happy as an early bird, or night owl?”

Metro Morning, CBC Radio 1 Toronto (June 13, 2012) “Early birds are happier”

The Telegraph (June 13, 2012) “Why the early bird is happier and healthier in life”

Global News Toronto (June 20, 2012). “Early birds and night owls”

Globe and Mail (June 21, 2012). “Why early birds smile more”

Toronto Star (June 27, 2012). “University of Toronto sleep study says early birds are happier,healthier”  (also covered by Metro News)


Congratulations to Karl Healey and Karen Campbell (not pictured) for receiving the APA Division 3 award for best poster!

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