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Poster printing guidelines

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General PDF tips

  • Print at 300 dpi
  • Embed all fonts
  • Download fonts rather than substituting with device font

MS PowerPoint Tips

  • We cannot process powerpoint files directly. Convert them to PDFs... (you will need to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat installed if using a Windows machine.)
  • General Windows PowerPoint to PDF Recipe
  • Select the Adobe PDF (version 6 or later) or Acrobat Distiller (version 5 - not Adobe PDFWriter) as your printer from File->Print
  • Click Properties
  • Click Advanced (you may need to click to the Layout tab to see the Advanced button)
  • Change the resolution from 1200 dpi to 300 dpi
  • Powerpoint tends to misprint the file if you leave the resolution at 1200 or 600 dpi.
  • If you notice fonts and graphics are "squished" near the far edge of the poster this is probably the culprit.
  • If you don't see your job in the queue after submission, this is likely the problem.
  • Set the Paper size to Custom Postscript Page Size - this brings up a new window
  • Set the page size to the dimensions of your poster -- generally do the larger dimension as width. Powerpoint does not respect landscape or portrait settings and makes up it's own mind.. If the generated PDF is in the wrong orientation relative to the page, swap the width and height here and reprint to PDF.
  • Change the Truetype Font setting from Substitute with Device Font to Download as Soft Font
  • Click OK once and go to the Adobe PDF Settings tab
  • Uncheck Do not send fonts to Distiller/Adobe PDF
  • Change the Conversion Settings to Print
  • Click the Edit Conversion Settings button.
  • Go to the Fonts tab
  • Make sure the Embed All Fonts box is checked
  • Remove any fonts in the Never Embed list
  • If you made any changes to the Conversion Settings click Ok. Otherwise, the OK button will be grayed out and you can just click Cancel
  • Click OK a couple of times and then click Print or OK. You will be asked for a filename to save the PDF to.
  • After the PDF is generated, it should open up in Acrobat automatically. If the PDF looks ok and is the correct dimensions, submit it.


Poster pricing is based on square feet and whether you print color or black and white. Please refer to the chart below for pricing:
Colour Black and White
per square foot $5 $2.50

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