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Connecting to your website

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Download and install the client software

If you are using Windows, download and install a software package called WinSCP here:

If you are using a Mac, download and install a software package called Cyberduck here:

Once installed, use the following settings:

Server configuration
Configuration Setting: Configuration Value:
Host name:
Transfer Protocol: SCP
Port Number: 22
Username: Your psych email without the ""
Password: Your website account password

Some notes:

  • When you login, all your website files are in a folder called "htdocs".  Make sure you navigate and upload everything there.  If you get lost, simply logout and login again and it will bring you back to your home directory.
  • You can only login to your website from a computer on campus.
  • The password for your webspace is different from your email password by default, if you forget your webspace password you will have to get it reset from CHASS. Contact Frieda about this.
  • You can view your website by going to "{name}" where {name} refers to the username you used to login to the web server, usually the first portion of your email without the "" part.

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