August Kirschmann expanded the Baldwin Laboratory from 4 to 16 rooms in 1897. Rooms 1 - 4 (presently, office and storage space) were located in the original laboratory on the first floor (our second floor). Rooms 5 - 9 (presently, two bathrooms and a hallway) were located behind the stair case. Rooms 10 - 13 (presently, office space) were located above rooms 5 - 9. Room 14 was in the centre of University College on the second floor (our thrid floor) in a bright atrium-style room with high ceilings and skylights. Rooms 15 and 16 (presently, a strair case and hallway), were located on the second floor (our third floor) and also included a skylight. These plans were published in Vol. 1, of the University of Toronto Studies, Psychological Series.


Index to the Accompanying Plan (1900):

1. Small Lecture room, at present used also for optical research.

2. Room for class-work, also used for experiments on reaction-times, etc.

3. Private room of the Director.

4. Dark room (for photographic purposes).

5. Larger Lecture room.*

6. Store room for demonstration apparatus.

7. Library and reading-room.

8. Assistant's room.

9. Research room for psychological optics.

10. " "

11. Dark room (for shadow experiments, photometry, etc.).

12. Research room.

13. " " (illusions of weight at present).

14. Ethnological Museum, temporarily used by the Psychological Department for research in colour-aesthetics (skylight).

15. Acoustical room.

16. (with two annexes). Research room for optical experiments (skylight).

*The lecture rooms used for the larger classes are not included in this plan.