Floor Plan of the original laboratory, located in the west wing of University College, reproduced from James Mark Baldwin (1892). The Psychological Laboratory in the University of Toronto. Science, March 11, p. 143. See also Kirschmann laboratory from 1900.

I. Demonstrating-room and work-room for undergraduates. G. Work-table; E. Book-cases: K. Black-board: F. Demonstration-table: e'. Students' entrance: e. Professor's entrance.

II. Research-room. M,N. Work-tables; B,C. Lockers, movable incandescent lights: I. Chart-case, movable-tables; R. Instrument-cases.

III.Professor's Research-room. O. Work-table; D. Book-cases; H. Closet for tools, &c; L. Movable incandescent light, lockers; S. Writing-desk.

IV. Dark-room. W. Sink; V. Vestibule; P. Incandescent light.

V. Private hall. X. Stairs; e. Professor's entrance; Y. Instrument-cases.