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For more information, please call the lab at (416) 978-7029
PSY 100 Students

So, you're taking Introductory Psychology. How do you like it so far? It's a great course that gives you a taste of the many different subfields within psychology. Even better - you also have the opportunity to get involved in research being done at your college...

As outlined in your course description, you have the option to earn credit for research participation. This means you can sign up and participate in a variety of experiments that can be found on the PSY100 web site. For the most part, these experiments are conducted by graduate students and by undergraduates doing independent projects, senior lab courses, or their honors thesis. At the Human Neuropsychology and Cognitive Science Lab, there are a number of people conducting studies in which you are needed!

University of Toronto Students

It doesn't matter what year you are in, how old you are, if you have ever taken a psychology course before, or if you have never participated in an experiment - you can still participate!

Our lab offers University of Toronto Students from all disciplines $10 per hour to participate in experiments. If a study lasts only half an hour, you get $5. If a study lasts 2 hours, that's $20. A volunteer participant pool for young adults is available. The researchers in our lab will contact you for participation in projects. Your information is kept strictly confidential. Ask about the Neuropsych Young Adult participant Pool.

If you are interested in supporting research at the University of Toronto we salute you. Because of your enthusiasm to participate in our studies, we are able to investigate current, controversial, and fascinating issues in neuropsychology, and hopefully make important contributions to the study of the neuropsychology functions.

If you are a psychology student who is interested in learning more about how research is done, what kinds of courses to take, what it's like being a graduate student, then signing up for a study in the lab is one way to learn more. Participate in experiments, follow up with the researchers on their findings, and make your own suggestions for further research studies. Your input counts!

We have a young adult participant pool. Call the lab at (416) 978-7029


Adults in the Community
In addition to encouraging students at the University of Toronto to participate in our research, we also ask adults of all ages to volunteer in our studies.

Several experiments being conducted in our lab require the participation of adults of all ages. For this reason, we often need to compare younger university students and older adults on a variety of memory tasks.

Dr. Moscovitch, the Director of the Human Neuropsychology and Cognitive Science Lab, investigates the natural changes in memory that occur with age. He has extensive clinical and research experience with older adults of normal health and patients (ie. Alzheimer's Disease patients, brain-injured patients). Students under his supervision are trained to follow his example. These are the students whose research you will participate in when you visit the lab.

It is important that our volunteers feel welcome and comfortable in our lab. We will ask you to answer a few background questions; (e.g., age, general health concerns, etc.) and provide your day-time phone number. Your information will be kept strictly confidential. We also will direct you to the Adult Volunteer Pool sponsored by the Psychology Department at University of Toronto. This will give you an opportunity to participate in a variety of research labs in our department. An online form can be used or you can phone the Adult Volunteer Pool.

When you arrive for the first time we will confirm that you have filled out the recruitment form on the confidential Adult Volunteer Pool system which will give us a brief background and provide your day-time phone number, availability, and so on. As new experiments arise we will call you, describe the study, and arrange a convenient meeting time. Although your participation is voluntary, we offer $16 per hour as reimbursement for gas and travel time.

When you are here you can pick up a copy of the Newsletter produced by the Adult Volunteer Pool Investigators, which describes the research done that year, achievements of our staff and students, upcoming events and future directions. We like you to stay informed and participate regularly.

Alternatively you can view the newsletter here.

For more information, please call the lab at (416) 978-7029