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  Nick Hoang
  Graduate Student,
Co-supervision: Drs. Bradley Buchsbaum & Rosanna Olsen
Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest
Psychology Department, University of Toronto

(2019 - Present)

(416) 785-2500 ext. 6284



A. Personal

      Citizenship: Canadian

      Work Address:     Rotman Research Institute (Primary)
                                   Baycrest Health Sciences
                                   3560 Bathurst Street Toronto,
                                   Ontario M6A 2E1, Canada
                                   Office: (416) 785-2500 Extension: 2356

                                   Department of Psychology (Secondary)
                                   University of Toronto
                                   100 St. George Street
                                   Toronto, Ontario
                                   M5S 3G3, Canada
                                   Office: (416) 978-7029


B. Degrees

        M.A. (2020 expected ). Psychology, University of Toronto

        B.A. 2019. Specialized Honours Program in Psychology, York University

        B.Sc. 2008. Neuroscience & Integrative Biology Double Majors, University of Toronto


Graduate thesis

Psychology - Masters Thesis (2019-2020):
Title: Using eye-tracking to study mnemonic discrimination of visual images through pattern separation and pattern completion
Supervisor: Drs. Rosanna Olse and Bradley Buchsbaum
Department of Psychology, University of Toronto
Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest
Toronto, ON, M6A 2E1

Undergraduate honours thesis

Psychology - Undergraduate Honours Thesis (2016-2017):
Title: Auditory Pattern Separation in Aging Supervisor: Dr. R. Shayna Rosenbaum Department of Psychology, York University Toronto, ON, M3J 1P3

Anatomy - Undergraduate Honours Thesis (2007-2008):
Title: Architecture of Subscapularis Muscle Supervisor: Dr. Anne Agur Department of Surgery, Division of Anatomy, University of Toronto Toronto, ON, M5S 1A8

C. Employment

2020                       Conference Coordinator- Annual Ontario Psychology Undergraduate
                                Thesis Conference, Supervisor: Dr. Ashley W. Benton

2014 - 2019            Research Assistant Level 2, Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest
                                Supervisors: Drs. Morris Moscovitch & Gordon Winocur

2009 - 2014             Research Assistant Level 1, Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest
                                Supervisors: Drs. Morris Moscovitch & Gordon Winocur

2008 - 2009             Psychologist Assistant, Psychology clinic, Baycrest|
                                Supervisor: Dr. Brian Richards

2002 - 2005             Pharmacist Assistant, Roma Pharmacy

D. Volunteer

2020                        Graduate Student Representative for Graduate Department of
                                Psychology, University of Toronto

2017 - 2018            Memory & Aging Program, Psychology clinic, Baycrest
                                Supervisor: Dr. Susan Vandermorris

2007 - 2008             Respite Program, Geneva Centre for Autism


A. Research Endeavours

     My interests are in the hippocampus and in memory, both with respect to specialization along the long axis, and with respect to the functions of the hippocampal subfields. They align well with my extensive background in conducting behavioural research on typical healthy aging populations and atypical amnestic populations. Below are the five areas in cognitive neuroscience that I am actively doing research in:

1.     Assessing visual pattern separation and pattern completion with eye tracking

2.     Neuroimaging of hippocampal long-axis for gist and detailed retrieval of complex               scenes

3.     Auditory pattern separation of highly similar sounds in older adults and amnesics

4.     Episodic simulation in ill-defined social problem solving in older adults and amnesics

5.     Visual categorical face perception in young and older adults


B. Awards and Honours

2019      School of Graduate Studies Conference Grant, University of Toronto

2019      Jack and Rita Catherall Fund

2019-     Member of Dean’s Honour Roll, graduated with Summa Cum Laude distinction
2016      York University

2018      York University Continuing Student Scholarship

2017      3rd place (of 80 students) in York University Undergraduate Honours Thesis                          Poster Fair

C. Grant Submission Experience (organizing, formatting, editing, submitting)

2018 - 2023            NSERC Grant. Title: Memory, attention and face recognition in young 
                               and older adults, and in people with brain damage.
                               P.I.: M.Moscovitch

2013 - 2018            NSERC Grant. Title: Memory, attention and face recognition in young 
                               and old adults with brain damage.
                               P.I.: M.Moscovitch

2013 - 2018            CIHR Grant. Title: Chemotherapy and cognitive impairment.
                               P.I.: G. Winocur & I.F. Tannock, with H. Zhang, J.M. Wojtowicz,
                               M.A. Binns, M.R. Henkelman, and M. Piquette-Miller.
                               Awarded with Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

2013 - 2018            CIHR Grant. Title: Human studies on the neuropsychology and
                               cognitive/behavioural neuroscience of memory and its disorders.
                               P.I.: M. Moscovitch & G. Winocur, C. Grady, & M.P. McAndrews                                       Ranked 2nd (top 4%) in Canada.

2011 - 2016            CIHR Grant. Title: Behavioural and Functional Neuroimaging Studies                                   of Recent and Remote Spatial Memory in Humans.
                               P.I.: M. Moscovitch & R. S. Rosenbaum with C. Grady, G. Winocur. 
                               Ranked 2nd (top 4%) in Canada.

D. Significant Employment Contributions

2015      Coordinated and helped organize a two-day 2015 Festschrift conference to 
               honour Prof. Morris Moscovitch: 210 attendees and 25 international speakers

2012      Hosted a neuropsychological seminar to the public and clients for Baycrest                            Research Week

2011      Featured in Baycrest Newsletter for planning and organizing 2011 Baycrest 
              Research Day



A. Articles Published in Referred Journals

 Lee, Y., Smith, C., Grady, C., Hoang, N., & Moscovitch, M. (2014 ). Broadly                   tuned face representation in older adults assessed by categorical perception.         Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 40,        1060-1071.  [pdf]


B. Scholarly Work in Progress (in preparation)

1. Baker, S., Hoang, N.V. (first co-author), Moscovitch, M., & Rosenbaum. (in                              preparation). Discrimination between highly similar sounds do not differ 
         between young and older adults.

2. Ahmad, F.N., Hoang, N.V., & Moscovitch, M. (in preparation). 
         Mnemonic discrimination of gist and details of complex scenes.

3.  Pishdadian, S., Hoang, N.V. (first co-author), Baker, S., Moscovitch, M., &
         Rosenbaum. (in preparation).  Mnemonic Discrimination and MoCA performance
         in community dwelling older adults.

4. Hoang, N.V. & Vandermorris, S. (in preparation). Ill-defined social problem solving in 
         older adults and persons with amnesic mild cognitive impairment.

-C. Oral Presentations at Meetings and Symposiums

2019      January. Data blitz at Rotman Research Rounds, Baycrest. Title: Pattern                                separation of auditory objects in older adults and an amnesic with hippocampal                    damage.                           

              January. Data blitz at Ebbinghaus Empire, University of Toronto. Title: Pattern                     separation of auditory objects in older adults and an amnesic with hippocampal                     damage.

2017      November. Nanosymposium at Society for Neuroscience. Washington, USA.                        Title: Discrimination between highly similar sounds do not differ between young                  and older adults.

              May. Ontario Psychology Honours Thesis Conference. Ottawa, Canada. Title:                      Discrimination between highly similar sounds do not differ between young and                    older adults. 

-D. Poster Presentations at Meetings and Symposiums

2020         Hoang, N.V., Ahmad, F.A., Liu, Z-X., Ziegler, M., & Moscovitch, M. (2020).
                 Cognitive Neuroscience Society, Boston, USA. Title: Gist and detailed
                 mnemonic discrimination of highly similar scenes along the hippocampal
                 longitudinal axis. March.  

                 Pishdadian, S., Hoang, N.V., Baker, S., Moscovitch, M., & Rosenbaum. (2020).
                 Cognitive Neuroscience Society, Boston, USA. Title: Mnemonic Discrimination
                and MoCA performance in community dwelling older adults. March.

                 Hoang, N.V., Baker, S., Daou, J., Moscovitch, M., & Rosenbaum. (2020).
                 Rotman Research Conference, Toronto. Title: Mnemonic Discrimination of 
                 highly similar auditory stimuli in older adults and an amnesic person with
                dentate gyrus lesions. March.                                         

2019         Hoang, N.V., Ahmad, F.A., & Moscovitch, M. (2019). Neuroscience 2019 –
                Society for Neuroscience, Chicago, USA. Title: Behavioural discrimination for
                gist of everyday scenes. October.

                 Hoang, N.V., Ahmad, F.A., & Moscovitch, M. (2019). Canadian Society for
                Brain, Behaviour, Cognitive Science, Waterloo, Ont. Title: Behavioural
                discrimination for gist of everyday scenes. June.
-E. Acknowledgements (data collection, analyses, formatting, and submitting)
    in scholarly works of others:

1. Sekeres, M.J., Winocur, G., & Moscovitch, M., Anderson, J.A.E., Pishdadian, S.,                       Wojtowicz, J.M., St-Laurent, M., McAndrews, M.P., & Grady, C. (in press).                          Changes in patterns of neural activity underlie a time-dependent transformation of                memory in rats and humans. Hippocampus, July 10 [Epub ahead of print].

2. Sekeres, M.J., Winocur, G., & Moscovitch, M. (2018). The hippocampus and related                  neocortical structures in memory transformation. Neuroscience Letters, 680, 39-53.

3. Winocur, G., Berman, H., Nguyen, M., Binns, M.A, Henkelman, M., van Ede, M.,                      Piquette-Miller. M., Sekeres, M.J., Wojtowicz, J.M., Yu, J., Zhang, H., Tannock,                  I.G. (2018) Neurobiological mechanisms of chemotherapy-induced cognitive                        impairment in a transgenic model of breast cancer. Neuroscience, 369, 51-65.

4. Winocur, G., Johnston, I., & Castel, H. (2018). Chemotherapy and cognition:                               International cognition and cancer task force recommendations for harmonizing                    preclinical research. Cancer Treatment Reviews, 69, 72-83.

5. Winocur, G. (2017). Chemotherapy and cognitive impairment: An animal model                         approach. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 71, 265-273.

6. Moscovitch, M., Cabeza, R., Winocur, G., & Nadel, L. (2016). Episodic memory and                  beyond: The hippocampus and neocortex in transformation. Annual Review of                      Psychology, 67, 105-134.

7. Winocur, G., Wojtowicz, J.M., Merkley, C.M., & Tannock, I.F. (2016). Environmental                 enrichment protects against cognitive impairment following chemotherapy in an                   animal model. Behavioral Neuroscience, 130, 428-436.

8. Sheldon, S., Vandermorris, S., Al-Haj M, Cohen S., Winocur, G., Moscovitch, M.                        (2015). Ill- defined problem solving in amnestic mild cognitive impairment:                          Linking episodic memory to effective solution generation. Neuropsychologia, 68,                168-175.

9. Winocur, G., Wojtowicz, J.M., & Tannock, I.F. (2015). Memory loss in chemotherapy-                treated rats is exacerbated in high-interference conditions and related to                                suppression of hippocampal neurogenesis. Behavioral Brain Research, 281,

10. Winocur, G., Wojtowicz, J.M., Huang, J., & Tannock, I.F. (2014). Physical exercise                     restores hippocampal neurogenesis and reduces cognitive impairment in                               chemotherapy-treated rats. Psychopharmacology, 231, 2311-2320.

11. Vandermorris, S., Sheldon, S., Winocur, G., & Moscovitch, M. (2013). Differential                    contributions of executive and episodic memory functions to problem solving in                  younger and older adults. Journal of International Neuropsychological Society, 19,              1087-1096.

12. Winocur, G., Thompson, C., Hakim, A., & Greenwood, C. (2013). The effects of high-              and low-risk environments on cognitive function in rats following 2-vessel                            occlusion of the carotid arteries: A behavioural Study. Behavioural Brain                              Research, 252, 144-156.

13. Winocur, G, Moscovitch, M., & Sekeres, M.J. (2013). Factors affecting graded and                    ungraded memory loss following hippocampal lesions. Neurobiology of Learning                and Memory, 106, 351-364.

14. Hirshhorn, M., Grady, C., Rosenbaum, R.S., Winocur, G., & Moscovitch, M. (2012).                  The Hippocampus is Involved in Mental Navigation for a Recently Learned, but                   Not a Highly Familiar Environment: A Longitudinal fMRI Study. Hippocampus,                 22, 842-852.

15. Winocur, G., Becker, S., Luu, P., Rosenzweig, S., & Wojtowicz, M. (2012). Adult                       Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Memory Interference. Behavioural Brain                             Research, 22, 464-469.

16. Winocur, G., Henkelman, M., Wojtowicz, M., Zhang, H., Binns, M.A., & Tannock, I.                 (2012). The Effects of Chemotherapy on Cognitive Function in a Mouse Model: A               Prospective Study. Clinical Cancer Research, 18, 3112-3121.

17. Winocur, G., Binns, M.A., & Tannock, I. (2011). Donepezil reduces cognitive                             impairment associated with anti-cancer drugs in a mouse model.                                            Neuropharmacology, 61, 1222-1228.

18. Winocur, G., & Moscovitch, M. (2011). Memory Transformation and Systems                            Consolidation. Journal of International Neuropsychological Society, 17, 766-780.

19. Winocur, G., Moscovitch, M., & Bontempi, B. (2010). Memory Formation and Long-                Term Retention in Humans and Animals: Convergence Towards a Transformation                 Account of Hippocampal-Neocortical Interactions. Neuropsychologia, 48, 2339-                   2356.  




1. Neuropsychology battery testing
      a.  General cognitive functioning: MoCA, MMSE
      b.  Executive: Trail Making Test Part B, Stroop, MEPS, SCAMP, Tower of London,
      c.  Memory: HVLT-R, WMS-R, Autobiographical interview

2. Imaging techniques
      a.  Neuroimaging (SPM8, MatLab, FSL, MRIcron, Mango)
      b.  Electroencephalogram (EEG) preparation, testing, and clean up
      c.  Tissue imaging and sectioning in rodents

3. Behavioural testing
      a.  E-Prime Psychology Software Tools

4. Statistical analyses
      a.  SPSS (e.g., Linear mixed model, factorial ANOVA, correlations, regressions, t-tests)
      b.  R Stastics (e.g., factorial ANOVA, correlations, regressions, t-tests)
      c.  Excel (advance functions including Pivot Table)

5. Survey
      a.  Qualtrics (with Mechanical Turk)
      b.  Google Forms
      c.  Survey Monkey

6. Grant submission (for preparing, organizing, editing, formatting, submitting)
      a.  Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
      b.  National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
      c.  Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF)
      d.  Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA)

7. Adobe applications
      a.  Photoshop
      b.  Dreamweaver (HTML5)
      c.  Soundbooth & Audition
      d.  Illustrator

8. Microsoft Office
      a.  Excel (advance functions including Pivot Table)
      b.  Word (with Endnote referencing module)
      c.  Powerpoint




I love to draw and paint human portraits. I am learning about engaged buddhism to practice mindfulness. When I travel, I enjoy going to local jazz bars!