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*Online Mass Testing:

* A reminder about mass testing: Mass testing in the PSY100 class provides a means of identifying and selecting members of special populations for research conducted during academic sessions. Information collected through mass testing allows for the targeted recruitment of students with psychological or descriptive characteristics of interest to researchers.

*The data is intended to be used in order to recruit special populations for participation in PSY100 studies, and not for other paid or non-PSY100 pool research.*

*Due to limited enrolment in the summer term, we ask each lab to limit their submission to a maximum of 20 questions. Once applications have been received, if more questions can be accommodated, we will let you know.

* If you would like to submit items for the Summer PSY100 mass testing questionnaire, the deadline for application is late April of each year. The instructions and application form are attached.Application form

To apply: email a completed copy of the application -- along with a copy of your study's REB approval letter and the questionnaire items -- to psy100pool@psych.utoronto.ca before the mid april of each year.

FYI: Online Mass Testing will be conducted Early May for the first summer session, and the first week of July for the second summer session.



There will be two summer sessions of PSY100. The first session of PSYNup is scheduled to run from May to June. The second session will run from July to mid August. Information about re-opening existing studies will be sent closer to the start of term.

For guidelines, see: Psych 100 Pool *IMPORTANT*: Due to limited enrollment in the summer term, each experiment will be limited to 30 credit/hours. Please do not post more than this (i.e. 30 timeslots for a one-hour study; 15 for a two-hour study), in order to ensure researchers have equal access to this limited resource.


Please contact me if you have any questions:psy100pool@psych.utoronto.ca